Frequently Asked Questions

The Disciple Assessment helps ordinary Christians intentionally engage discipleship in a way that helps them grow and helps them understand how to pass that discipleship along to others.

◆ How many people should assess me?

Ideally, eight people will assess you:

  • Family/Friends — at least two
  • Peers (group/team members) – at least two
  • Spiritual leader (e.g. team leader, group leader, pastor, mentor) — at least one
  • People you lead or disciple — at least two
  • Yourself

This listing above results in a sampling of at least eight people. You can enter as many assessors as you like, but a minimum of four is required. As you consider who you would like to participate in your assessment, look for these qualities:

  • People who know you well
  • People whose judgment you trust
  • People who are willing to be honest


◆ What are the 8 Dimensions of Discipleship?

The assessment measures the following 8 areas:


  • Experiencing God
  • Spiritual responsiveness
  • Sacrificial service
  • Generous living
  • Disciplemaking
  • Personal transformation
  • Authentic relationships
  • Community transformation


◆ How does it work?

Disciple Assessment | How it Works


◆ What if someone does not respond to the email asking them to assess me?

First check to make certain you entered their email address correctly. Also be aware that emails can randomly arrive in someone’s spam folder.  A reminder email will automatically be sent to your assessors after five days. You can also send a reminder email to any of your assessors by clicking the “send reminder email” button next to any person’s name on the list of My Assessors.


◆ Can I add more assessors?

If there are others who know you well that you would like to complete the assessment for you, you can add assessors at any time prior to closing the assessment. Just click the Add Assessor link under My Assessors. (Note: once you close the assessment, you will be unable to add any assessors.)


◆ How do I log back in to the site?

Each time you enter the site you will need to enter your access code on the disciple login page. You don’t need anything else – just your access code!


◆ How do I get my access code to take the assessment?

An email receipt with your access code/s is sent after purchasing the assessment. Please check your spam or junk mail folder (unfortunately, important emails do not always get through).


◆ How do I save my Disciple Assessment report?

When viewing your Disciple Assessment report in your browser, you can select to save or export the report using your browser tools (click on File).


◆ How do I print my Disciple Assessment report?

When viewing your Disciple Assessment report in your browser, click on the Print Report link under your name.


◆ How do I share my Disciple Assessment report with others?

When viewing your Disciple Assessment report in your browser, copy the url and send it in an email to your friends, family, small group, spiritual leaders, or anyone else who will be helping you take next steps in your discipleship journey.